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A Fine Finish: New Bindings for Award-Winning Quilts


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Why spend hours designing and stitching a beautiful quilt only to finish it off with a plain, uninspired binding? In the revised edition of A Fine Finish, you'll discover a multitude of ways to finish the edges ofn your quilts with lavish, award-winning detail. From Sculptured French Bias and Victorian bindings to On-the-Edge Ruching, New-Direction, Prairie Points, and Lacy Loops, these masterful edge treatments will frame your work with grace and style. Guidelines for creating your own dramatic designs are also provided. Follow step-by-step instructions for selecting fabrics by value as well as color, cutting and piecing with speed and accuracy, and stitching sharp, precise triangles. Plans, templates, and quilting diagrams for three small wall quilts are included: Delicate Dresden (finished size 18" x 18"); Jerri's Cranberry Glass Dish (Finished size 22" x 22"); and Little Wonder (Finished Size 8.5" x 8.5"). Also includes handy bias-yardage charts to show you how much fabric you need to bind or pipe any size quilt.